The Covert War Against Black Americans

No matter what efforts people of color enact in order to heal their pain body  – as none of us ever received psychological treatment for the “trauma” of slavery, every attempt is classified as hating Caucasians.
This is my effort to aid race relations. If you have better suggestions to help people of color who are suffering the trauma of slavery, racism and white supremacy, please send it and I will post it.
With the white blood that flows through my vein and that of my white grandmother, I feel no hatred towards anyone or any group. I do feel hurt, pain, confusion and disappointment.
Hate begets hate.  This is why I will not tolerate hateful speech, name calling, hateful words and use of the n word.  The only way I will not post your comment is if it is in violation of the policies of this site.
The goal is to heal and educate; create dialogue about race relations in America.
The Covert War Against Black Americans – Attorney Alton Maddox

 Attorney Alton Maddox speaks in a series of videos.

The Covert War – Part 1

The Covert War – Part 2

The Covert War – Part 3

Our brilliant scholar speaking in 2010

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