Yet, Another Fable: White Women Are More Loving

This is the beauty whom Marilyn Monroe was trying to emulate

This is the beauty whom Marilyn Monroe was trying to emulate


In honor of our soldiers who are suffering and dying for our country.

May God bless,   protect, and strengthen the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed so much.

Mr. Kali Akuno and the lovely Michelle Alexander speak about extra-judicial killings, of which, most are Black men.

Extrajudicial killing and mass incarceration are two sides of the same coin.”

In the 181 days of 2012, from January 1st through June 30th, a Black woman, man or child was killed every 40 hours by the police or someone “deputized” to act in their name. The “Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 110 Black People,” compiled by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, is just the tip of the iceberg. When you consider the overall manner in which Black people in this country continue to be “policed,” it becomes clear that these 110 extrajudicial killings were about as accidental as the more the 2 million Black people incarcerated or under some form of direct state control throughout the United States.

Extrajudicial killing and mass incarceration are two sides of the same coin. Together they are just one dimension of the overall strategy of containment rooted in the systemic and institutional practices of white supremacy and colonialism that give form to the national oppression of Black people.

What the Extrajudicial Killing report exposes is the fallacy of the “colorblind” propaganda actively promoted by Wall Street, the corporate media, and the two-party monopoly. As the facts in the Report clearly demonstrate, racism and white supremacy in the United States are alive, well, and deadly as ever. And virtually nothing is being said about it in the corporate media, and little, if anything, is concretely being done by the Obama administration to stop it.

Racism and white supremacy in the United States are alive, well, and deadly as ever.”

Please help to rebuild war torn Liberia by donating to Liberia Heals.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated.  When Dr. Muhummad tried to warn Black men about the dangers of the white female, he was accused of hate teaching:  He said it best, they always paint a picture of white females as being the epitome of purity, when they aren’t.

This video should be posted on every page as a reminder to how Black people went from greatest to the present condition of our communities and families.  The system that was created for the destruction of Black civilization was very sophisticated, brilliant and evil.  It has worked; the damage is done.

Were it not for this damaging psychology that was programmed into the mind of Black people, Black men wouldn’t view the white woman’s status as a way out of his Blackness and the struggle he lives as a Black man around the world.

Dr. Umar speaks about interracial dating: Part 1 Part 2:

To our great Ancient Egypt an ancestors who are among us, we humbly offer our thanks for the many blessings you have given.  We extend our love to its ultimate state of being – for the suffering that you have endured so that we may not suffer so.

Mothers of our great African nation and fathers of our African selves – We invoke you to further lead and guide us to a higher understanding.  Of our true greatness – and a more encompassing dedication of love for our African people.

Parents of all African children; guide us toward a greater unity.  Guide us into a stronger African value system; lead us into the zenith of respect and love for our people, through education and the “Family Communal Structure.”

We swear upon the heritage and legacy that you have left us to uphold and sustain our rightful status on this earth, and to continue the struggle for the total mental and physical liberation of all African People.

ADUPE ARIKU BABA WA (Thank You, by the Spirit of Our Ancestors)


Before I get into the discussion of White women not being more loving, I am reminded that it takes a lot of studying and observations, reading and research and watching videos, before you realize that the marketing of black men and white women is very deliberate.

Even after years of education and the study of history, I am still trying to come to grips as to why God would create a race of people that could be so savage, evil, inhumane, vile, subhuman and pure demons to enslave a race of people.

Why would God allow these vile pale creatures to be a descendent of us; why are they so far removed from spirituality? Why was there no love in the white man or his white woman’s heart to end the cruelty of slavery?  Why did my ancestors have to suffer the horrific brutality and the present generation still carries the spiritual legacy of slavery? Why hasn’t it disappeared and the evil of it died out.

Oprah said it best, the generation of whites who are filled with hatred and racism in their hearts will have to die out, and even then racism will still exist.  We have never caught up and will never catch up, because we had an unfair start and advantage, but all of us are accused of complaining and playing the race card.

No matter how many whites were enslaved, they were never classified as 3/5 humans and treated like animals.  Then whites have the audacity in 2013 to refer to Black men as animals, but they never, ever referred to then, or now, that the behavior of white men has been animalistic, bestial and of a sub-human beasts.  They can commit the same atrocities and evils as a black man, but they will never, by other whites, be referred to as an animal.

Whites can talk about the Africans that sold other Africans into slavery until they are red in the face, but there can be no seller, if there is no buyer.  It takes a subhuman beast to do to the slaves and native americans what the white man did for hundreds of years.

The most important fact that no white ever makes mention of whenever they remind Blacks that Africans played a part in the sale of other Africans is this incontrovertible fact:

Racism and cultural supremacy preceded the enslavement of the African. 

Therefore, regardless of what an African did or did not do, he did not force the white beast to keep the slaves he sold to them; he did not force the white demon to brutalize and enslave them for 400 years; he did not force the white terrorist to rape and impregnate the African women, he did not force the white devil to rape little African boys, feed them to crocodiles and beat and slice the genitals of the African man once he lynched him.  He did not force the white male to be the beast that he is.

The history of white terrorism against the Black and Native man and woman, is one of the worst atrocities in history. America gets an A+ for pretending as though it never happened.

When commercials are shown on television and it is a black man with a white woman, it is portrayed positively.  They are shown as a family.  Whenever it is a black man with a black woman, a strong family unit is not shown.

Often, the black woman is shown in conflict with the black man; her face is frowned up; her hair is standing on top of her head; she is big and fat, her hand is on her hip or she has an obvious attitude.

It is never a positive image of the black family, yet the white supremacist media goes to great lengths to ensure that the black man is shown being a father to the white woman; the black man is shown in unity and family oriented when it comes to the white woman.

People learn through images and sounds, which the white media is aware of.  They are well aware of how years and years of advertisement affects the black and white psyche.

Black people watch these images and come to accept that the black man doesn’t care about his black family; that  he only has concern for the white woman.  The image of the black man and white woman is promoted as though every black man is married to a white woman. As though the white woman is the only woman worthy of a black man’s love and protection.

The number of non married, black male/white female couples, is at least five times as high as married black male/white female couples. This is never mentioned, discussed and certainly not advertised by the white jewish controlled media.

The question has to be asked and answered as to what is the end game? What is the ultimate goal of this incessant year round programming in which the black man and white woman is always paired as a couple. Whether it is a commercial, magazine ad, youtube advertisement, yahoo article or anything on line, it is always a black man with a white woman posing for the product or the article.

It is rare to see a black woman with a white man, or a black man with a black woman unless the article is about something negative such as lying to your spouse or how to have better communication with your lover, or if it is a lotion commercial showing a black woman, not a white woman.

Whenever a Black woman is shown with a white male, her hair is usually in a short afro, or they will select an unattractive black woman.  They seldom, if ever, show a beautiful black woman with a white male.  But they love to put their most attractive White females with a Black man.

The unattractive trashy white women are kept hidden, while the unattractive black women are plastered all over television and print media.

The commercials are often racist and if not racist, stereotypical.

It is clear that this deception was created hundreds of years ago to destroy and keep the black family divided; to take the black woman out of her natural state; to ensure that she does not regard the black man as being capable of taking care of her; to gas her head up to believe that she is a strong black woman who needs no one and for those who are uneducated with a dependent mind set, her white government will grant her section 8 housing and food stamps as long as the black husband and lover is out of the house.

Nothing is ever said about the millions of whites that are receiving section 8 housing and on food stamps. Even when we take into account that since there are more whites than blacks in America, more of them will be on public assistance, nothing is ever said about this by white people.

Anytime the discussion is raised, its focus is always on the black man and woman as if they are the only humans on public assistance. Now that I realize that all of this was a clever, very evil plan, it makes me sick to my stomach to realize how powerful evil operates through white supremacy and racism.

Now, about this world wide fable that white females are more loving.  It is propaganda and marketing.  If you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it.Adolph Hitler.

It is Hitler’s propaganda machine that mind control of the black and white masses originated out of.  The Nazi regime used radio, film and newspaper publishing to control every aspect of German culture.

Likewise, through the white supremist mandate of global power, the propaganda campaign has promoted deification of white supremacy to the point that it is now engrained in every culture world wide, in the same way that Josef Goebbels’ Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda tightly controlled political messaging and promotion of the deification of Hitler.

White supremacy and racism is a global system of containment of non-white people.

Both Black men and women have been psychologially program to accept this fable (that white women are more loving) as a reality.  A reality that has become true for them.  For, whatever one chooses to believe, becomes their truth, and thus, their reality.  But it doesn’t mean that it is factual.  It is only factual to the person who believes it.

In understanding whites, a beautiful Black Goddess educates us to understand that white women have never been more spiritual or more loving than the original woman, the Black woman.  White women have simply learned how to play the role that they are.  Black men - and white women, have convinced themselves that they are more loving.  Whatever one believes, becomes true for them. Many Black men suffer from Jungle Fever.

Claiming that Black women are less “loving,” allows Black men to  absolve themselves of any responsibility.  It also gives them the opportunity to place the blame on someone else (the Black woman) for their innate failures and weaknesses.  The trophy white woman:

The following letter was the “beginning” of this website, although I did not realize it at the time.  After reading my friends response (a friend who now only dates/marries white females), I realized that his response sounded like hundreds of other Black men – and I wondered why they all sound alike.

I kept wondering why their answers, explanations and criticisms are always the exact same when they don’t even know each other.  Then I began to investigate why.

Here’s the letter:

Now I learn from you something that you did not say initially, that caucasian women (and most Asian women) are warmer and just downright more loving and gentle with a man.

You stated “A man wants to love and be loved.  No man wants a battle-ground in his bedroom or relationship.”  You never made mention of the fact that since the home is the only place a Black man can rule, that perhaps he is going about ruling in the wrong manner, and it creates conflict between himself and his Black woman.

Interesting that I had no idea that you had these views.  Now were getting somewhere.  A common theme that always surrounds the discussion of the Black man with the white woman, is the man’s statement that if he wanted to argue and fight with someone, he would do it with a guy in the streets, because he doesn’t want that mess and attitude at home.  I wasn’t aware that every Black woman argues with her man.  I never have.

If that is a true answer, then why didn’t you provide this as an answer when I first asked you about Black men and white women?  Your answer was that “People are people and not just a color or an ethnicity or a whatever. People are just that – People.

I have followed and will follow my heart.  I have never encountered a woman-of-color who loved me and made me feel like a man by just accepting me for who and what I am, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.”

In other words, your choice to choose a white woman has nothing to do with the Black woman, but with how you perceive and assume “all” Black women to be?  Additionally, what does it say about you and your character and the type of man who you are, that you are attracting women who are not warm and are attempting to fight with you?  Am I to believe that none of this negatively you so adamantly speak of is within you?

The reason I am asking is because I am considered a “Black” woman and I have never argued or created conflicts in any of my relationships.  In fact, the Black men I dated complimented me about the fact that I never created negativity, drama or arguments, but based on your logic, I am not warm and loving, because I am a Black woman?

I concur completely with men who date white women,” you went on to say, “having had the misfortune of somehow attracting women who want to micro-manage and play the attitude game. To me, that’s a show stopper and the relationship just ends at that point.”

Surely, that was the appropriate answer and the only real answer to the first question I posed, as to why so MANY Black men date white/non-Black women.  But, how and why exactly, do you manage to attract those types of women if you are so whole and balanced?

Of course I am accused of being very technical in my thinking, but it’s not intentional.  I naturally tend to analyze because in computer school, I was always good at analyzing problems and developing solutions.

I’m naturally intellectual and logical in my thinking, but it is not intended to be confrontational.  I just wanted to add this so that you will not think I am trying to be difficult with you because I respect you as my elder and my friend.

My question that brought about your last response was “Why do you feel that far more Black men date outside their race then Black women,” actually addressed the first question of why are so many Black men dating/marrying white/non-Black women.

This question is not ambiguous to Black men, but note, that a Black man’s reasons are always justified and predicated upon the Black woman’s behavior, and not that of his own or what he attracts with his own energy – which he as a human and a Black man, owns.

Black men are well aware that every person has the right to be, do and have whomever and whatever they want.  Yet, Black men use what they “perceive” to be the dominate behavior of Black women, to justify their choice not to choose them.

For, by the Black man’s own admission, he has not met even 1% of Black women in America.  So which Black women are you referring to with dominate behavior, except for the ones that you are only able to attract?

Irrespective of the fact that a Black man is attracting to himself all that he is, his basis for belief is always justified as a matter of “I have no choice but to choose a white woman,” vs. “I am the actual cause of the low vibration Black women who I have been attracting.”  Whoever you attract, is representative of the essence of who you are.

The Black man is so turned off by Black women, that his positive energy is now directed toward the non-Black woman; and forthcoming, his negative energy and beliefs are reserved for all the Black women that he encounters.

The Black man doesn’t actually address the Black woman’s needs, desires, or what abuse she has suffered with/by the Black man; in fact, he never makes any mention of the fact that Black women are turning to non-Black men as well, because honestly, he doesn’t care.  No mention is ever made of the matter.

The subject of Black women/white men vs. Black men/white women always revert back to the Black man and why he chooses non-Black women in the first place. Yet Black men don’t care to discuss or appear to care about why there aren’t as many Black women looking outside their race for a mate, as there are Black men.

For if he was a Black man who cared, then he would not be placing all the blame on Black women for the choice he has made to be with a white girl.  It’s spinelessness and an innate weakness in the spirit of the Black male who needs to pick his balls up off the ground and face the world and be proud of his white female, rather than attempt to hide behind the Black woman.

If the white girl is all that, the next best thing to sliced bread, and your reasons for being with her are so pure, then there SHOULD be no mention of the Black woman – PERIOD!!!! The Black womans attitude, energy, behavior, beliefs, etc., has no relevance to the Black man’s choice to be with a white woman.

If the Black woman did not exist or all of them vanished off the face of the earth, what would be the Black man’s excuse for being with a white girl?

Can you now see how your response is actually related to and answered the first question I posed as to why so many Black men date non-Black women?

I’m not saying that Black men do this on purpose and of course I’m not accusing you of anything, were having a discussion.  But it is apparent that the majority of Black men always answer in the same context.

They immediately rush to assure me that “It’s not about color, I’m simply following my heart, it’s about love,” when I never intimated nor stated that it was about color.  But after reading your second email to me and giving it some greater thought, clearly, it is about color – whether Black men want to openly acknowledge it or not.

Black men don’t realize that they are insulting a Black woman’s intelligence to claim that color is never factored in with a non-Black woman, when the facts state otherwise – based on the Black man’s own belief system and behavior.

Black men fail to see that this powerful mass consciousness creates within the white woman exactly what he desires.  She is constantly fed a diet by society that she is the best thing since sliced bread.

She is constantly being programmed that she is far better than a Black woman; she is constantly being told that all Black men desire her and not the Black woman.  Most white females believe that all black men want them.  It is sad how gassed up their heads have become.  Clearly, they are delusional.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that so many white women have this arrogance and sense of entitlement? The white girl did not develop this consciousness overnight; she has been programmed and socialized to think this way from the time she is born. (Just a friendly reminder that I am referring to the white girls who are guilty of this belief system)

The advertisers, media, movie producers, etc. placed her on the pedestal.  She ends up being what the Black man has manifested.  Meanwhile, the Black woman is fed a diet of how undesirable she is, why she isn’t wanted, how ugly she is, how angry and confrontational she is; and constantly reminded of the percentage that will never marry – because they aren’t marriage material.

The Black woman is thus hailed as the complete antithesis of a Black man’s desires – when once upon a time, it was not like this.   The destruction of the Black family and eugenics has its hands wrapped all around this deception.

The Black man then enters into the relationship with a white woman ready, open and willing, with different expectations – and plenty of love to offer the white woman.  His heart is soft and open towards her, while it is hardened and cold towards the Black woman.

The Black man is able to freely express the love to the white woman, the same love his self-hatred and selfishness prevented him from feeling for the Black woman; the love that white women have always wanted from a Black man and always had – even during slavery; even if they couldn’t freely be with the Black man in the manner they preferred.

Why does the Black man feel that he needs a crutch to justify his relationship with the white female?  WHY? Why can’t he just be with her without mentioning the beautiful Black woman?

Black men are knowingly, willfully and with deliberate intention, seeking out those women whom they believe are the complete antithesis of what they want to avoid – the Black woman. 

By their own admission, they are not seeking Black women.  We all know that we share the same reality, but our perception of it makes it right/wrong, good/bad, sad/happy/it is what it is, etc.

Yes, you alluded to it being more than just “people being people” when you stated “I have never encountered a woman-of-color who loved me and made me feel like a man.  I am simply following my heart.”

But the truth of the matter is that, BASED ON WHAT BLACK MEN ARE SAYING, (and not what I am concluding) you are doing more than following your heart, because you have already formed a preconceived notion about how many/most/a lot/some/a large majority of Black women are.

All the while, reminding Black women how much you hate being stereotyped, when this is exactly what you, as a Black man, are doing to masses of Black women.

Black men are making a conscious/subtle/unconscious and deliberate effort to avoid Black women, and therefore, position themselves to have access to the women who aren’t perceived to be this way – which are non-Black women.

Whatever you think about, you bring about. Wherever the mind goes, the energy and power will go. This is nothing to debate, because a Black man’s own actions and words make it clear that this is exactly what he is doing of his own volition.

Black men are saying what they mean and meaning what they say.  Unlike silly women, men are seldom confused about what they want because they aren’t socialized to be emotional and to submit themselves completely to a woman.  Men are able to compartmentalize in a way women are not.  This is fact.

After Black men determine whether a woman is Black or African-American, they then proceed to place her in the same category with all the other “Black” women.  It’s the principle that I speak of here.  Black men don’t care about the bloodline, only about appearance.

Then they will use their ignorant judgments to assign her in the category along with millions of other Black women, and subsequently “take her out of the running” to vie for the Black man’s affection and love.

Certainly, if the Black woman is light, bright and d**** near white, it helps tremendously.

As long as a woman is deemed “Black” to a Black man who WANTS to be with a white woman, she will be automatically taken out of the “non-Black woman” picture.  It doesn’t matter to a Black man that she may not be anything like other Black women.

He simply will not hang around; come around or allow her into his presence, long enough to find out that she is “not like the last 5 trifling Black women” he may have dealt with; trifling because he is trifling.

Like attracts like and if the Black woman is all the things that you dislike, then you attracted some aspect of yourself, otherwise the two of you never would have come together. Therefore, the Black man is the problem and can only attract what best represents who he is.

His invisible vibration will not seek her out if she isn’t like him.  Subsequently, he ends up treating the Black woman in the very manner he has complained that the white male treats him – with prejudice, judgment and contempt.  This is because he only has tunnel vision for a white or non-Black woman.

If the first thing in creating anything is to create a context within which it may be experienced, then Black men indeed are doing this unconsciously with non-Black women.  The Black man is creating the context within which he resists all that he dislikes – for he is the only person who thinks in his mind.  He is resisting what, in his mind, is the opposite of who he is.

The reason the very women he dislikes (the angry/attitudinal/loud/unloving, etc. Black woman) continue to show up into his experience,  is because whatever he resists continues to persist.  Whatever we refuse to confront, will remain.

Like a complaining woman, the Black man spends much time, conversation and thought about that which he dislikes about Black women, that the negative energy ensures that he will continue to attract it into his experience.

The Black man fails to master the self-hate, disgust and frustration of his own innate weakness and inability to conquer these feelings, thus, it ends up conquering him.

The Black man unconsciously focuses his angry and frustrated energy (although he swears that the Black woman is the only one who is angry) like a fan flaming the fire, and thus, gives it even more life.

Then, once he is consistently tense and rigid, he fails to realize that it is a direct result of his own creation by thinking, feeling and expecting the Black woman to be angry.   For whatever we think about, we will bring about. 

I repeat, the Black man is the only man who thinks in his mind. Therefore, a Black man’s behavior, actions and expectations are already in place before the white woman EVEN enters his presence.

He then ends up attracting what he wants and expects, which is sweetness and love in the arms of a white woman.   If the Black man genuinely wanted and expected sweetness and love in the arms of a Black woman, he would find it.  There is no way that if this same amount of positive energy and expectation were directed and invested into a Black woman, he would fail to have the same experience.

When you review the complaints that the average Black man has about Black women, they never discuss why the Black woman is viewed in this manner; and how their vibration attracted that “type” of Black woman, rather than the Black woman who is just like the “white girl” that he likes.

Black women want to be understanding, but when these are the reasons that he gives, he comes across weak.  I reiterate: What does it say about the Black man that he keeps attracting the Black woman that he complains about?

All Black women are no more alike, than all white women.  Therefore, what does it say about him and his vibrational offering and what is inside of him, that he continues to attract the aggressive, confrontational Black women who simply do not measure up to his standards?

Once he realizes the Black woman isn’t what he wants, why do so many Black men remain with her for any period of time if she is not meeting his needs? 

His self-esteem would have to be low, because no one remains where they don’t feel worthy.  Yet, he chooses to remain in a negative relationship, that now causes him to feel justified to complain about it.  No one held a gun to  his head and made him choose that Black woman, nor remain with her.

Often, Black women are not patient, because the Black man isn’t patient; Black men don’t cater to the Black woman in the same manner he caters to the white girl. Black women would be more loving if Black men were more loving.  If Black men were more understanding, Black women would be more understanding.

Black women would be less likely to lash out at the Black man, were he more loving and supportive of her struggle – which is that of his own. 

Lastly, if a Black man is not being the man that he is supposed to be, or he is not honest and trustworthy, or he is running the street, why would a Black woman be interested in placing her mouth below the belt, for example let alone swallow?

While Black men constantly brag about all the white girls who will do that.  Then why ask the Black woman?  Black men are expecting of others (including Black women) what they are unwilling to give of themselves, but they don’t view it this way.

Black men want the king treatment, but they aren’t putting out queen treatment.  Black  men don’t care to ever discuss this.  They just focus on making it appear as if Black women are inadequate, when that is not the case.  It’s a matter of record based on the Black man’s own behavior, that if he is a decent Black man, he will treat the white woman better.  Therefore, why wouldn’t the white girl be willing to be all those things to him?

The white girl is so happy to be with the forbidden Blackberry fruit.  She hasn’t been through the struggle of  Black women, which means she has very little to be stressed out about; which is what Black men complain about - that Black women are always stressed.

Why wouldn’t a white female be willing to acquiesce to his desires?  Black women have always submitted to the Black man, in spite of the negative lies that claim they haven’t.  Black men are always talking about Black women need to compromise, but what are they doing to compromise with the Black woman?

If Black women aren’t submitting and compromising, then why are millions – the majority of Black men – dating and married to them?

The reality is this; for those weak, spineless, lacking in self-love and knowledge of himself and his culture, they must take responsibility and stop blaming Black women for their choice to be with a white girl. 

These Black men choose to give up on Black women easily, because they know that the white girl is willing, anxious and ready to be his freak, so why would he want to hang around to work things out with his Black queen?

They give up and choose white women because they are weak males.  Men like convenience, and the white girl makes herself very available and very convenient.  This, told to me by Black men themselves.

Black men fail to realize that all of their complaints about Black women bespeak the deeper issue of their own flailing weakness and unwillingness to step up to the plate and be a man.  This is why he tends to have problems with the white girl.  He has not changed on the inside, for he is the problem, not the Black woman.

I repeat; it stands to reason that a human will not invest any energy into something or “someone” whom they have no genuine interest in.  Therefore, that something or that someone (the Black woman), is defeated before dating can even begin.

If Black men truly craved and EXPECTED the sweetness and love of a Black woman, it is exactly what they would get.  Want plus expectation equals creation (want + expectation = creation).  It is done unto us as we believe, and Black men get exactly what they call forth and deserve from Black and white women.

Due to all the daily programming he is besieged with, the Black man ends up creating and attracting the woman in which he is continually focused on – which is the white woman.

11 Responses to Yet, Another Fable: White Women Are More Loving

  1. DeletedMyCommentAgain says:

    It’s clear that this site is nothing more than a way to promote hate at whitey. Fact is slavery has been going on for millenniums and guess who invented it? Africans. Oh and I checked out your “Whites never answer these questions” and I have to say, who ever posted that is a moronic. The writer made it seem as if whites are naive (for the most part it’s true) yet it’s clear that the writer itself is just as naive and foolish. At first I thought this was a satire to piss of white men which would have been funny(I’m Asian) but it’s clear that this site if not and full of morons who believe in anything that they are told just as long as it’s something good about Blacks. Don’t believe me? Read the homepage. Now I know some of you may be screaming out “Well what about Trayvon Martin.” Well, what about Christopher Newsom? “Who?” Exactly. I’ll check by later, I wouldn’t be surprised if this site removed my comment, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was made by The New Black Panther Party (Not to be confused with the Black Panther Party)

    • Hostess of MAAT says:

      The ideology that any truth spoken about the horrors that Black people have lived and continue to experience, is the reason racism is still a problem in America. Anytime a person does not wish to deal with facts predicated upon truth, or agree with any facts, they will always claim that it is a promotion of white hatred. This reveals a profound lack of understanding of Black people, because willie lynch and the institution of white supremacy taught Blacks to love; not hate. This is why Blacks are so filled with love for the white male and hatred for himself.

      Your belief is not an uncommon belief of whites and other races. Certainly, it would be more productive if you had chosen to inform me of the exact statements on the site which promote hate; or which statements do not reflect truth. Apparently, you did not bother to read the requirements for using this site: in which I stated that if you find information that is not factual, to bring it to my attention.

      There is no factual evidence that slavery was created by Africans, but if it were, by your logic, there can be no seller if there is no buyer. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who created slavery; what matters are the European white savages who chose to enslave and brutalize human beings for hundreds of years and treat them like the beast that the white males represented. No one forced the spainards, European Jews and portugese to purchase any slaves, nor to enslave them – if Africans indeed created slavery.

      It’s interesting that your very first comment on this site is titled “deletedmycommentagain.” Why would you sign in under that negative title? This indicates that you may be an instigator that goes from site to site attempting to stir up division. Who names themselves “deletedmycommentagain,” other than someone who is used to having their comments deleted or a divisive agitator. You also want others to believe that you are asian and not white. Why? What difference does your race make?

      Contrary to what you assumed, your comment wasn’t deleted, therefore, the assumption and title sounds quite ridiculous, or rather, like something a moron would say. You sound quite ignorant and delusional.

      Rather than complain that whites never answer the questions I posed, it would be less moronic for you to at least attempt to answer the questions that you claim whites do not answer. You complained, but didn’t bother to provide any answers. No intelligent person would waste time to piss any one off, as it would be a poor use of energy. My intellect and connection to supreme consciousness would not allow me to reduce myself to such a small minded and low life manner of thinking. People who are easily pissed off will easily accuse others of either being pissed off or trying to piss someone else off. That appears to be your level of thinking; not mine.

      Most importantly, nothing can be accomplished, nor benefitted by pissing someone off. That is your belief system and not the viewpoint of the site creator. The same way you consider others to be morons, I’m sure there are those who consider your behaivor that of a moron. In fact, making the accusation that this site is created for the purpose you allege, is moronic thinking.

      Therefore, name calling doesn’t achieve anything, other than to point out that you are the moron that you call others. Rather than complain without offering any solutions, which is what morons are known to do, why not spend your energy creating your own website educating others about christopher newsom?

      Then you will not have any time to complain and make allegations. Morons would not consider that idea, but an intelligent person would. My website asks that no curse words are used, but you still chose to and I deleted them. In the future, I will delete your comments; not because I disagree with you, but because you are being ignorant and disrespectful by cursing and name calling.

      It says a lot about your lack of character that you are so upset that you are unable to express yourself without cursing and being disrespectful. This is because you lack emotional intelligence. I will also track your IP address 201.XXXX in the event that you are a white aryan racist website attempting to incite division and evil. You also posted 3 times from another IP address; and using another name, when only one post is necessary.

      Theres no need to remove your comment – unless you are cursing. Therefore if you want all of your comments posted, save your curse words for yourself. Why would you assume something so negative? Your anger and negative vibration expects and attract the negative conditions you most likely have in your own life. You could have chosen to expect positive outcomes, but you can only expect what you represent, which is negativity.

      As for this being a Black Panther creation, I can’t fathom any NBPP member having the ability and intellect to create such a site. Besides, I don’t agree with all of the beliefs of the current day Black Panther party, nor the way in which the members publicly conduct themselves. Additionally, there would be no reason for me not to give credit to any organization that makes a contribution to this site. As with you, if a panther wanted to link to this site or post an article, I would give then credit for it.

      If you wish to send your information about Christopher Newsom, I will be more than willing to post it, while you work to create your own website. This website is still under construction, therefore, please make sure that the article that you send about Christopher, has already been edited, so that all I have to do is post it. Be sure to list how you want your credit to be listed.

      Forthcoming, please offer solutions, rather than criticisms and complaints, which solve nothing. I will give you credit for what you wish to post. This way, you will be a part of the solution and not the problem.

      Always send information that will educate, rather than become angry about all the truths posted herewith. Hating the messenger of truth doesn’t change truth. Truth never has to be validated by ignorance. Thank you for your comment.

      • Rt says:

        ” I will also track your IP address 201.XXXX in the event that you are a white aryan racist website attempting to incite division and evil.”

        Except ya know, not white or in a white country. I came to the assumption that this was a site dedicated to spreading hate from a comment that I got from a YouTube video that was bashing all races(excluding blacks.). Adding in the sites name(I’m assuming this a way to attract angry whites) a few articles that further allowed me to perceive this as hate filled site. As for the title I posted the comment twice; the first one wasn’t posted so I posted it again but later noticed the “comment waiting for approval” text.

        >. You also posted 3 times from another IP address; and using another name, when only one post is necessary.

        No, I didn’t.

        >It says a lot about your lack of character that you are so upset that you are unable to express yourself without cursing and being disrespectful

        Not upset.

        >This reveals a profound lack of understanding of Black people, because willie lynch and the institution of white supremacy taught Blacks to love; not hate. This is why Blacks are so filled with love for the white male and hatred for himself.


        >There is no factual evidence that slavery was created by Africans.

        Yes, I’ll admit that was very stupid of me to say, considering slavery was all over the planet(Caucasians, Asians, African, Native Indians,etc.) What I meant to say was they also partook in slavery.

        >Rather than complain that whites never answer the questions I posed, it would be less moronic for you to at least attempt to answer the questions that you claim whites do not answer. You complained, but didn’t bother to provide any answers. No intelligent person would waste time to piss any one off, as it would be a poor use of energy. My intellect and connection to supreme consciousness would not allow me to reduce myself to such a small minded and low life manner of thinking. People who are easily pissed off will easily accuse others of either being pissed off or trying to piss someone else off. That appears to be your level of thinking; not mine.

        Again, I mistook this as hate filled site due to a poster on YouTube that led me here, so naturally I would mischaracterize this.

        • Hostess of MAAT says:

          As you can see, You Tube has blocked or removed a lot of the videos that are apparently regarded as hate filled or unacceptable for some reason, which I was not aware of. Since they allowed me to link to it, I provided it as a link for people to view for themselves. I appreciate your taking the time to respond. Hate is never a solution to the problems of race in this country and I would not want to be associated with anything that promotoes hates. WGWBM can be an educational site in which we can learn from each other. If there is a video that is promoting hatred and/or lies on this site, please bring to my attention and I will remove it. Thanks for the time you took to respond. Happy New Year.

  2. GENE WILLIS says:

    is this somthing a black man has to figure out?who works best for them,a black female or a white female?who the black man can rule over without any oposition on the feamles part?can he-the black male make a differance in his life according to race?weak.but,i supose a race traitor is better then nothing.of course,a race traitor would make a black mans life better.

    • Hostess of MAAT says:

      A white woman choosing to be with a black man is not a race traitor, nor is a black man for being with a white woman. he has the right to want who he wants and if its a white girl, its no ones business. Yes, he has to figure it out on his own. women of all races are strong because men in general are not stepping up.

      Social enginerring is making wimps out of all men. More women are graduating from college than men and of course, more girl bablies are born. The man has to fix himself inside first. When he is right, the right woman will come along. Doesn’t matter what race she is. Men attract whom they are. If they are so resistant against strong women challenging him and he feels resentment toward it, then that is where his energy goes because his mind flows there.

      He will end up attracting what he dislikes, but when his spirit is right, his heart is clean, he treats ALL people right, is good to women, including his mother, isn’t selfish and hypocritical, then the right women show up. I have no problem submitting to a man and would love to submit. I have no problem being a woman and allowing him to be a man, but he can’t be a hypocrite attempting to rule me, he can’t talk to me any kind of way and mistreat me and then expect me to submit.

      He has to put out into the universe all that he want’s back. Thus, I would say, first look at the mirror and ask the self what type of women am I attracting because it will tell me the kind of man I am. for example, I only attract decent men with good character who are successful whereas my friend attracts poor men, losers, game players etc. She needs to fix the inside because you can only attract people on your vibration who are on your frequency. A man has to decide and expect that he deserves the best woman, no matter what her color and then go through life expecting it as if he deserves it and then she will appear. I hope that helps.

  3. Joyce says:

    Why is the word “black” consistently capitalized and the the word “white” is not?
    Thank you!

    • Hostess of MAAT says:

      It’s a habit from college days and being taught by a white professor that always capitalize white, but make black small. When I submitted my papers to him, I intentionally did to him what he did to the entire classroom. Just a habit. You’re making much to do over nothing. Who cares and why do you care? I never noticed and never thought of it. I’m certainly not going to waste any time to correct something so insignificant in the grand theme of things. Don’t you have better things to be concerned over rather than something so infinitesimal? Next time, send me some intellectual discourse or educate me on something. I don’t major in the minors.

  4. jameel says:

    I love withe girl

    • Hostess of MAAT says:

      and? good for you? Why wouldn’t you? Why is it important to tell me, someone whom you don’t know when I don’t affect your reality?

  5. Hostess of MAAT says:

    Women of all races have beautiful figures, silk like hair, exotic features and traditional values. There are many people who say that Brazilian/Black women are the most beautiful. Remember, Brazilian women are Black women. Thanks for writing.

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