Critique of European Thought and Cultural Behavior

Now, I better  understand what Minister Farrakhan was singing about when he wrote “A White Man’s Heaven is a Black Man’s Hell.”  This song was created before I was born.  It is 15 beautiful minutes.

This is the most beautiful melody; what he speaks is painful truth; and his skill with the violin is pure perfection.

“Heaven and hell are just two conditions of life, and they are both right here on this earth.” Minister Farrakhan.

At 3:55 he speaks about the white male, “He raped Africa of her diamonds and her gold.  And from the mideast, he took barrels of oil untold.

Deceiveing, raping, robbing and murdering everything in his path; the whole Black world has tasted of the white man’s wrath.”

Then at 6:05, 7:02, 9:08, 10:54 and 12:42, he continues to tell about the tricks and lies of the European male’s domination of the globe.

The beautiful, brilliant Dr. Marimba Ani explains that with Black people, power is spiritual, in that we are connected to nature and interaction, as the relationship between spirit and matter is connected. The entire Black family throughout the diaspora, are a spiritual people.

However, in the European world view and way of thinking, human beings become separate and distinct individuals.  European domination relegates the spirit to an inferior position, known as the Europeanization of human consciousness.

They (european) separate themselves from spirit and become disconnected from it, thereby creating an object – because they take connectiveness out of it. “An object has no feeling; no meaning; no spirit; which is an illusion in their mind, but it works for them,” she explains.

This “overstanding” of European thought and cultural behavior is an important work,  because Black people always ask why the European creates destruction and evil everywhere he goes.

Wherever the European goes on the planet, there is death, rape of the women, created wars, theft of natural resources and destruction of the land.  Many of us simply do not understand why this happens and why his mind is so destructive.

Listening to Dr. Ani will shed understanding that the european is not a spiritual people.  Thus, it is easy for them to behave in the manner in which they behave.  She explains why they feel the need to dominate and control, which is an attempt to fulfill within themselves what is lacking – spirit.

This is the only plausible explanation to explain where a Willie Lynch system would come from, or a Peter Botha belief system. I’ve asked an inordinate number of whites over the years to help me understand the brutal system of European domination, but none could provide answers.

It is impossible to accept or fathom,that any human who could treat Black people in the manner they have, and the ancestors who continue to practice white supremacy, could be a spiritual people who are of God.



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